Вам лучше смеяться


basically this all here is just to make me feel better when i feel like shit
if u like kitties as much as i do: kitties
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my dream is to be married and be a stay at home mom who has a job while all my kids are at school and go to school if i even want to and drive a badass car that i mod myself and have a whole room in my house as my own cute little library and earn money while i watch awesome tv while i’m cooking for my awesome family so they have food to eat once they walk through the door is this seriously too much to ask for gosh

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The guy from the surface pro commercials looks exactly like a guy I’ve dated


i’ve seriously gotten rid of so many people on fb this past year

i feel like galifianakis in due date
"i got 90 friends on facebook. 12 are pending, but i’ve got 90!"


i wish i could say ‘u ok’ in real life

because when you say it out loud it sounds like ‘you okay?’ but thats not what i want

i wnat 




i can hear it in my head

but not from my mouth

it doesn’t come out right

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happy valentines day aka white girl day

u tried

i’m twenty years old and the guy at the door still asks me if my parents are home. 



Baltimore Raven making a confetti angel after winning Super Bowl

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